Mid Central Region NMRA
Top Brass

Click here to contact Division 8 by email (division8.mcr.nmra@gmail.com).

Superintendent- Fred Soward
Asst. Superintendent - Eric Waggoner
Clerk - Bob Dawson
Treasurer - Mike Berry

Ron Ellison
Russ Weis
Tom Guenthner

Committee Directors
Achievement Program - Joe Fields
Company Store - Ron Ellison
Contests - Bob Kuchler & Barry Christensen
Librarian - Mike Berry
Marketing - Ron Ellison
Meeting Programs - Russ Weis
Membership - Cecil Stewart
Member Welfare - Rick Wehr
Pie Card - Bob Dawson
Train Show and Sale - Ron Ellison
Train Show Dealer Tables - Mark Hedge
Webmaster - Tom Guenthner

Mid Central Region Officers
President - Bob Weinheimer, MMR
Vice President - Michael Hohn, MMR
Secretary - Jerry Doyle
Treasurer - Bob McKay

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