Mid-Central Region NMRA
Division Eight Monthly Contest

Monthly Winners are hilighted in the ePie Card

Contest Entry Form: here

Each month at our Division meetings, we have a modeling contest. Below is the schedule of contests. Points earned are totaled annually. At the July Picnic, an award of $100 will be presented to the person earning the most points, $75 will be presented to the second place person, and $50 will be presented to the person earning third place.

Rules and Rewards

  • Each person will receive 1 point for an entry.
  • The person that receives the most votes will receive 3 additional points.
  • The person with the second highest votes will receive 2 additional points.
  • The person with the third highest votes will receive 1 additional point.
  • When there are more than 10 entries there will be 2 first place points and 1 second place point awarded.
  • The points will accumulate through the June meeting where the rewards will be awarded.
  • Tie breakers will be by entry points.
  • Second tie breaker by first place votes.


In the form of Scale Reproductions Gift Certificates

  • $100.00 for the most points
  • $75.00 for second place
  • $50.00 for third place

Monthly Meeting Model Contests:

  • January - Freight Cars
  • February - Diesels
  • March - Commercial Structures
  • April - Passenger Cars
  • May - Cabooses
  • June - Open Loads
  • July - (no contest due to picnic)
  • August - MOW Equipment
  • September - Photos
  • October - Steam Locomotives
  • November - Displays, no size limit
  • December - (no contest due to holiday party)
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