Mid-Central Region NMRA
Silver Spike Award

Division Eight began presenting the Silver Spike Award in 1992. After being nominated by a member, the Silver Spike committee reviews the nomination. After this screening, worthy individuals are presented to the membership who votes on the award. It goes to individuals who have given exemplary service to Division 8. Often times this service is minimally recognized.
Year Recipients
1992 Art Goreham
1993 No Award
1994 Bob Johnson
1995 Bob Brown, Charles G. Keeling
1996 No Award
1997 Bruce Goreham, Joe O’Gara
1998 Jerry Ashley, Charles Hansen
1999 Greg Mathews
2000 Bob Dawson
2001 Bob Frankrone, Ray Rohmann
2002 Fran Hale, Miles Hales
2003 Ivan W. Baugh
2004 Mike Berry, Steve Taylor
2005 Kevin Jones
2006 Charles Buschman
2007 Jim Ward, Eric Waggoner
2008 Don Fowler
2010 Bob Sobotka
2011 Tom Guenthner, Bobbie Hedge, Bill Lynch
2012 Joe Fields, Nat King, Mark Norman
2013 Ed Brennan, Cecil Stewart, Russ Weiss
2014 Barbara Soward, Fred Soward
2015 No Award
2016 Mark Hedge, Bob Kuchler
2017 Ron Ellison
2018 Jack Diehl
2019 Brenda Stewart
2020 Rick Wehr
2021 Barry Christensen
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