2017 PanAmerican Convention Layout Tours
All layouts will open at 10:00 AM Sunday and close at 3:00 PM unless noted.
See the Layout insert in your Convention Bag For locations and maps.

1. Ralph Bracewell
Ralph has yet to choose a name for his layout, but it features roads seen in this area, such as R. J. Corman, L & N, CSX, and other familiar names. Located in an upstairs room, the layout is multi-levels, connected by a helix. Both the upper and lower levels are fully sceniced and abound with a myriad of lighting effects and animation. The layout features 800 ft. of track including the helix and staging yard. Thirty-six-inch-radius curves insure that the trains run smooth and derailment free. Control is Digitrax DCC

2. Chris Broughton’s N-Scale Pennsylvania Railroad.

Chris models the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1954. The layout is roughly 18 ft. by 24 ft. and modular in design. It is 100% sceniced, and features a loads in/empties out mine/power plant, working turntable, large grain elevator, 7 ft. long Ford Truck Plan facility, detailed urban scenery, and lots of details. This layout is featured (including a cover photo) in the March/April Issue of N-Scale Railroading. It will be featured in Model Railroader Magazine expected later this year. Control is Digitrax DCC.

3. John Campbell

This HO Scale layout features 200 ft. of mainline. John models operations in Eastern Kentucky during the steam and early diesel days of 1955. It is 100% sceniced with an operating signal system. John’s layout features a terminal and large classification yard, with branch lines providing opportunities for mine runs and locals. Many of the mines, structures and scenes are based on prototypes found in Eastern Kentucky and West Virginia. Control is Digitrax DCC.

4. Paul Downs’s, N-Scale Louisville & Nashville-Interstate-Southern

Paul models the L & N, Interstate, and Southern railroads in Southwest Virginia during the transition era. The layout is around the walls in a 14 ft. by 25 ft. basement room. Area modeled is from the Interstate’s connection with the Southern Railway at Appalachia to Dorchester Junction and its connection with the Louisville & Nashville. The layout is designed with operations in mind with two coal tipples, one loadout, and other industries found in the area. There is also a stand-alone switching module of Louisville Union Station. The centerpiece of this module is Paul’s award winning scratch built model of Union Station and train shed. Control is Digitrax DCC.

5. Charlie Fackler

This HO layout models the L & N in the 1950’s and 60’s. It is located in a 20 ft. by 13 ft. basement space with 350 feet of mainline track. Scenery is approximately 80% complete and the layout is in the form of a dog-bone with two levels. The two levels are connected with a five-foot-diameter double tracked helix. The layout features many scratch-built and kit- bashed structures. Control is Digitrax DCC.

6. Tom Guenthner

This HO Scale layout features over 300 ft. of mainline. Tom’s layout inspired by the Louisville & Nashville Railroad’s Cumberland Valley Division. Set in the 60’s and 70’s, It is 95% sceniced with an operating signal system using JMRI, numerous towns and switching districts offering ample opportunities for run thru freights, locals, and mine runs.

8. Bob Johnson’s layouts

Bob’s house is a model railroader and toy train collector’s paradise. In the back yard he has a 12 ft. by 100 ft. G-Gauge garden layout. There are three layouts in the basement. First is a large “vintage“ HO Scale layout that is fully sceniced. This railroad was built by Bob’s father, and is maintained by Bob and his son. In another room there is an O-scale layout under construction. It features On30 and standard gauge sections. A peninsula in the center features a city with operating trolleys. Last but not least there is an O-gauge Lionel layout. This layout has a year-round Christmas theme with a replica Lionel “Girls” train. There are also models in other scales on display. These railroads use a variety of control systems.

9. Rick Maloney

Rick’s layout is a freelanced in N-Scale and depicts a railroad running through the central US connecting the Great Lakes with the East Coast. It is 80% sceniced. Rick’s layout is in a 16 ft. x 43 ft. upstairs room with 600 ft. of mainline track. Control is Digitrax DCC

10. Mike Shane’s HO Jefferson & Ohio Valley

Doc’s layout features a double track main line with staging on three peninsulas each 25 feet in length. He models Louisville to Cincinnati 1935-1955 with steam and first generation diesel power. The trains are up and running, but the scenery is not been started yet.

11. Russ Weis

Russ models NYC from Albany to Buffalo NY in 1950, featuring Buffalo’s huge passenger terminal. His railroad is a walk-in that’s 38 ft. x 28 ft. with a 28 ft. peninsula; it has extensive staging at both ends. It is 80% sceniced and features both passenger and freight operations. Control is NCE DCC.

12. Stan White

Set in the modern era, it is a freelance mid-size layout (9 X 21 feet) with the track plan modified from Jerry Boudreaux’s award winning track plan featured in the June 2007 Model Railroader magazine. The layout features the use of low profile buildings to increase the number of rail served industries and has a mainline run of 74 feet. Scenery is 100% complete. Control is Digitrax DCC.

13. Bill Wright

Set in July 1980, Bill’s HO railroad is busy hauling freight between Quincy, Washington and Council Bluffs, Iowa. Bill has recreated many of the scenes and structures found along the route from photos and visits made to the prototype sites. The layout features may scratch built cars and 500 ft. of hand-laid track. The layout is 100% sceniced. Control is Digitrax DCC.

14. Harry Munzer’s G-Gauge Swift Creek Railroad. (Open Saturday only)

Harry’s has both G-Gauge and O Semi-scale trains running through an impressive landscape featuring various species of live plants. The Swift Creek contains a water-powered saw mill, a functioning drive-in movie theater, and numerous small scenes along the right of way. Outdoors there is 1,045 ft. of track. Harry also has a HO scale layout, and an operating collection of Lionel trains in his basement. Rain or shine there’s plenty to see at Harry’s. Harry’s layout has been featured on Kentucky Educational Television.

15. Greg Bergman’s O-Scale Chesapeake & Ohio at Thurmond, WV.

This O-Scale layout 130 feet of code 148 track main line track on vinyl roadbed. The minimum radius is 85“ which makes for broad sweeping curves for the trains to traverse. The center piece of Greg’s layout is a recreation of Thurmond, WV as it appeared in the fall of 1950. All of the buildings and structures at Thurmond with the exception of the water tanks are scratch built. The water tanks, brass models, have been detailed to match the prototypes. Many of his locomotives are brass, painted and weathered, with sound added. The layout can be operated in three different control modes: NCE DCC, DC, and PFM. It is 100% sceniced, with staging tracks and engine storage in an adjacent Room. Greg’s layout was featured in the March/April 2009 issue of O-Scale Train magazine.

15. Bob Irmscher’s O semi-scale (1/4” scale 3 rail) and On30 layout, “Bob’s Trains“ (Open Saturday only).

Bob’s Trains is a floor to ceiling, fully landscaped and 100% sceniced model railroad in a 27 ft. x 35 ft. train room on the second floor of his garage. Set in the 1950’s, the railroad features both steam and diesel locomotives. Highly detailed and kit bashed buildings, automobiles and trucks are used to depict “small town“ America during the 1930’s, 40’s, and 50’s. His layout has been featured in “World Class HiRail Layouts“ DVD by TM Books and Video. Controls include a variety of systems including DCC.

16. Southern Indiana Model Railroad Club

Southern Indiana Model Railroad Club is located across the Ohio River from the Galt House in Jeffersonville, IN. It is a large HO layout located in the basement of the First Presbyterian Church, and models towns in Southern, IN. It is 100% sceniced and runs around the wall with a large peninsula in the center.
17. John Ottman
This HO layout is a walk-in style filling a 16 ft. by 12 ft. space in the basement. The trains pass through highly detailed towns and cities filled with super-detailed and kit-bashed structures and small scenes each telling its own story. In addition to the structures and scenes on the layout, there are many additional detailed structures and dioramas on display. The layout has been photographed by Lou Sassi for future publication in Model Railroader Magazine.
Southern Indiana Model Railroad Club Southern Indiana Model Railroad Club is located across the Ohio River from the Galt House in Jeffersonville, IN. It is a large HO layout located in the basement of the First Presbyterian Church, and models towns in Southern, IN. It is 100% sceniced and runs around the wall with a large peninsula in the center.