2017 Pan American Operations
We will be offering Operating Sessions on Thursday night of the Convention from 7 PM to 10 PM. Slots for each session will be on a first-come first-served basis.

Membership in the NMRA and registration for the Convention is required.
A downloadable registration form is available for your convenience here. .
Please provide your first, second, and third choices for each time slot in case your first selection is full. If you wish to operate with specific people, please include their names. They must register for the Convention and the Ops Session. We will try to keep groups together.

There will be a mandatory crew call at 4:30 PM before the sessions (check the Convention timetable for location). Each participant is responsible for their own transportation to the layouts, although opportunities for ride-sharing may be available at the Crew Call. Maps and directions will be provided at the Crew Call.

OPS session number 1:
John Campbell’s Louisville & Nashville.

This HO Scale layout features 200 ft. of mainline. John Models operations in Eastern Kentucky during the steam and early diesel days of 1955. It is 100% sceniced with an operating signal system. John’s layout features a terminal and large classification yard, with branch lines providing opportunities for mine runs and locals. Many of the mines, structures and scenes are based on prototypes found in Eastern Kentucky and West Virginia. Control is Digitrax DCC. 6 Operators

OPS session number 2:
Tom Guenthner’s Louisville & Nashville Railroad Cumberland Valley Division.

This HO Scale layout features over 300 ft. of mainline. Tom“s layout inspired by the Louisville & Nashville Railroad’s Cumberland Valley Division. Set in the 60’s and 70’s, It is 98% sceniced with an operating signal system using JMRI, numerous towns and switching districts offering ample opportunities for run thru freights, locals, and mine runs. Control is Digitrax DCC. 8 Operators

OPS session number 3: CANCELLED
K & I Model Railroad Club.

It is modular in construction permanently set up in a former fire house. This HO Scale layout features double track mainline and a branch line. It is 100% sceniced. There is a 20 feet yard with steam and diesel servicing facilities. There are many industries both large and small offering an abundance of opportunity for switching. Control is Digitrax DCC. This layout is handicapped accessible. 10 Operators

OPS session number 4:
Rick Maloney

Rick Maloney’s Midwest Central & Northwestern is a freelanced N-Scale layout depicting railroading through the Central US connecting the Great Lakes with the East Coast. It is 80% sceniced. Rick’s layout is in a 16 ft. x 43 ft. upstairs room with 600 ft. of mainline track. Control is Digitrax DCC. 10 Operators

OPS session number 5:
Southern Indiana Model Railroad Club

Southern Indiana Model Railroad Club is located across the Ohio River from the Galt House in Jeffersonville, IN. It is a large HO layout located in the basement of the First Presbyterian Church. It is assessable by elevator. 100% sceniced, it is around the wall with a large peninsula in the center. The layout models towns in the Southern Indiana area and provides ample opportunities for main line running and local switching. Control is Digitrax DCC. 10 Operators.

OPS session number 6:
Russ Weis

Russ Weis’s HO New York Central-Eastern Division. Russ models Buffalo to Albany, NY in 1950. His railroad is 38 ft. x 28 ft. with a 28 ft. peninsula with staging in walk-in basement. It is 80% sceniced and features both passenger and freight operations. Control is NCE DCC. 10 operators.

OPS session number 7: CANCELLED
Rob Cooper

Rob Cooper’s Louisville & Nashville Cumberland Valley Division. This HO layout is 30% sceniced and features 200 feet of main line. Set in the transition era, it is point-to-point with no duck-unders and features mainline and way freights as well as mine runs. There is an open staging room, and a separate dispatcher’s office. Control is RailPro DCC by Ring Engineering. 9 operators; Driving time 60 minutes in traffic

OP Sessions: current as of 2-22-2017
<> Layout Operators Remaining
1 John Campbell Full
2 Tom Guenthner 1
3 K&I Cancelled
4 Rick Maloney 8
5 Southern IN 9
6 Russ Weis 3
7 Rob Cooper Cancelled